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10 Simple Ways to Feel Healthy


​We all want to feel like we have that little bit more energy, that little bit more confidence, that little bit more "Yes! Today is going to be my day!" A little bit more me with added sparkle. With a few little health tweeks we can all feel that little bit more like the best version of ourselves.

Doing nothing particularly dramatic can make a potentially dramatic and positive impact to a more healthier you!

​1. Manage your Life Stress

Doesn't sound like a simple one, but just by being in control of what's happening day-to-day can help you manage your stress levels. Time management and list-making are simple ways of knowing what's happening in your own life and being prepared for it.

Write a to-do list before you go to bed at night for the next day. You'll sleep easier having gotten it down on paper and be focused and prepared for the next day.

Obviously, we all have life stresses that we can't eliminate but with a little planning it can feel more manageable.

Fail to plan, plan to fail...

2. Enjoy Yourself!

Why not start a new hobby? Learning new skills is not only a fun pastime it is also mentally stimulating and challenging which can boost happiness and improve our view of the world. Whatever tickles your fancy, start taking French lessons before your summer holiday or learn to play the piano.

3. See the Positives

A positive attitude is a massive one to feeling like you can take on life and not the other way around. If you have a can do, rather than a can don't outlook, its amazing what you can achieve!

4. Boost your Self Esteem

Hmm, boost my self esteem you say.... we'll its all about being respectful and giving yourself the thumbs up to be kind to yourself.

Why be so critical of yourself? Would your best friend speak to you the same way as your own inner voice? I don't think so. By being a bit kinder to yourself you can allow yourself the chance to develop a more positive view and maybe, just maybe, give you the space to start chasing a goal or two of your own.

5. A Little Bit of Exercise

You knew it would be in here somewhere! But its so true, a cliche is a cliche for a reason. A walk, dare I say maybe a run or any form of exercise will boost the happy hormones and have a whole host of knock on effects. The day light in itself is also such a bonus to feeling more healthy, a double whammy! So get outdoors too...

6. Music

If music be the food of love, play on.... even Shakespeare knew the value of a good song! So while you're out on your walk, washing the pots or making dinner put on your favourite upbeat music. The key here though is to listen with positive intent to improve your mood. If you listen with the desire to feel happier then you're more likely to achieve your goal of feeling happier and healthier. 

7. Form Social Relationships

Social interactions can really boost your well being by talking and sharing your thoughts and feelings.  Getting it off your chest with a friend or family member can be so cathartic.  We all can have a tendency to build up thoughts in our minds but a problem shared truly is a problem halved. Even having a little chat with the guy in the paper shop about the weather is another way to boost your mood.  Its good to talk!

8. Eat for Health

Ok, so you knew this would be in here too, again it's a no brainer! Eat more healthily and  you will feel it! An "everything in moderation approach" is always a good place to start.  If healthier choices become part of your daily life, they become easier to make and become habit forming.  Before you know it, they are just part of your routine.

9. Limit Alcohol

Another obvious but important one to mention.  By limiting alcohol intake the body is given a chance to recover.  Alcohol not only impacts the physical aspects but also the emotional aspects of life too. Alcohol is a depressor and can negatively alter mood and health significantly. Its a good one to try to reduce.

10. Sleep Easy 

And so to bed... sleep.  The average adult needs between 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night.  If you are committed to achieving this, the body and mind has the chance it needs to recharge and recover from our busy daily lives.  Try to be consistent by going to bed and getting up at the same time each day and you will be thanking yourself in no time! 

So all in all, nothing record breaking here, but simple proactive steps towards a healthier life are yours for the taking. 

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