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Lumity Anti-ageing Supplements

Lumity Anti-ageing Supplements
We are so excited to be an official stockist of the amazing Lumity Anti-ageing supplements.

Developed by Dr Sara Palmer Hussey PHD, from Cambridge University, the supplements are scientifically developed to provide you with the building blocks to maintain a healthy and balanced body and outlook, taken alongside a healthy diet.

How it Works

It is a very easy two-step system.

Take three softgels in the morning and three softgels immediately before bed. And that is it. Very little commitment required.

The morning gels contain the vitmains and minerals needed to maintain energy and health.

The evening gels contain amino acids to restore and regenerate the body as you sleep.

All the ingredients are natural, and in the perfect balance to restore the bodies required levels for health function.

Importantly as well, nothing is included that you don't need such as artifical colours, flavours, dyes, caffeine, dairy, gluten and parabens to name a few. 
Lumity rebalances the bodies function in a holistic way.

Once taking the supplement, people initially report that they first notice more energy during the day, especially on waking and the mid-afternoon slump and also how much better quality sleep they feel they are getting.

Longer term benefits reported include clearer, firmer skin, and stronger hair and nails.

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