‚ÄčWe sometimes hear from our patients that they have waited years, literally years before deciding to come into clinic to discuss treatment options for them and subsequently go ahead with a suitable treatment.

We always recommend a consultation with Dr McCoubrey prior to any treatment. This gives time for you to fully discuss your concerns with Dr McCoubrey. Often patients come into us with a specific concern or even a range of concerns. Together Dr McCoubrey will discuss with you how the anatomy of the face works, and ways treatments can lift, volumise and correct skin issues.

But what stops you from going ahead?

The Idea of Pain

Lots of time it's the perception that it is painful as some treatments involve needles. The fear of needles can be a real thing but in reality its the fear of pain. No-one wants to feel hurt in any way.

We can categorically say that treatments do not need to be painful and in fact shouldn't be! 

Dr McCoubrey is known for his gentle approach to injecting, numbing cream and numbing injections are used for comfort throughout treatments and many products have lidocaine within them to aid treatment comfort. By allocating more than enough time for each appointment, no treatment is hurried, this helps patients to relax and enjoy their treatment. We even has some patients say that they almost fell asleep.

After first-time treatments we often hear patients say that they can't believe they waited so long to come and see us.

I don't want anyone to know I have treatments

We also hear this a lot.  We very much believe everyone's business is exactly that, your own private business.

This is why our medical skin clinic is based in a quiet, private residential area, and kept very discrete. We aim to provide enough time for each client to have their treatment without meeting the next client.  If you are particularly shy we can guarantee your privacy.

I want to look fresh, not weird

And so do we.  

We have all seen images of celebrities who have in the past gone too far with their treatments. They just don't look like themselves any more.  Luckily the look of treatments have changed and a fresher look is now the look of choice. 

Our reputation is very much about offering treatment to make you look fresh, less tired and more like the person you feel on the inside.  And if you don't need a treatment we will say.  

By assessing and working with the facial anatomy Dr McCoubrey is able to strategically place product in the correct areas for natural, subtle but a noticeable fresher appearance. 

Dr McCoubrey regularly attends leading conferences and masterclass training to keep up-to-date with all the latest products and injecting techniques as well as webinars and aesthetics journals.


Aesthetic treatments can be perceived as expensive but it is worth considering what's involved. 

Dr McCoubrey is a medical Doctor with over 20 plus years medical experience and over 5 years aesthetic experience. He is continually learning for both his NHS and aesthetic practice to keep up-to-date. This involved travelling to conferences, day training in the UK and Ireland and also online learning and having expert come train in clinic.

At Verve we only use premium products, sourced only from UK based pharmacies that are fully traceable.

Dr McCoubrey is a member of his governing body the General Medical Council (GMC) and associate member of British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) and Aesthetic Complication Expert Group (ACE). 

We are fully insured with Cosmetic Insure.

This is why reputable aesthetic practitioners don't cut corners on products or patient safety.

To learn more please contact us  

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