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What Skin Type Am I?


5 Most Common Skin Types & Suitable Products

There are 5 main categories

Dry | Oily | Normal | Combination | Sensitive

By knowing what skin type you have, you are half way towards gainer a better complexion.

So, now which products to choose?

Dry Skin

Obviously with a dry complexion we need to ensure it is nourished and hydrated, this will help create a barrier to protect the skin from harsh environmental elements.


Gentle cream cleanser, it will not be harsh or remove the essential oils you have in your skin.

Gentle toner

Rich moisturiser should be considered to help keep your skin feeling comfortable and protected.

Daytime: Broad spectrum SPF

Oily Skin

With an oily complexion, the opposite of dry skin is true. The skin's sebaceous glands are producing too much oil so the aim of the game here is to help cleanse the oil away and clear the pore pathway but without being overly harsh.


Gel based cleanser is useful to help this

A salicylic based toner

Oil free or non-cosmogenic (non-pore blocking) moisturiser

Daytime: Broad spectrum SPF

Normal Skin

With normal skin it's a safe bet to take a middle of the road approach.


Gentle cleaner

Mild toner

Non- cosmogenic moisturiser

Daytime: Broad spectrum SPF

Combination Skin

With combination skin, there are areas on the face that need to be treated separately. The T-zone across the forehead and down the nose, tend to be oily whilst the rest of the face is either normal or dry.


Gel based cleanser

A salicylic based toner applied to the T-zone only

Non-cosmogenic moisturiser applied to the whole face and neck

Daytime: Broad spectrum SPF

Sensitive Skin

Skin can be sensitive for several reasons but symptoms can show up as dryness, redness, itching or burning. Avoiding perfumed or fragranced products can be beneficial.

Two types of skin concerns associated with sensitive skin include:


The skin over produces oils which blocks the pores leading to overgrowth of bacteria leading to breakouts.

Specific treatment for acne can include:

Salicyclic acid


Benzoyl Peroxide


Tea tree oil


This is a common skin concern and can present as reoccurring flushing like you have done an intense work out, bumps and pimples which may sting, intense redness like a sunburn and visible blood vessels.Specific treatment is needed to help with rosacea. Left untreated the condition can worsen.

Rosacea can be managed with an individual programme but it is advised to seek early help.

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Guest - Louise Brogan on Saturday, 10 February 2018 09:37

great advice and tips as always!

great advice and tips as always!
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